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Unlimited Mixing & Mastering
for Musicians & Record Labels

By real engineers

We use a team of top engineers who make your track sound incredible. We don't use cheap algorithms or 1-click software.


Mix and master your songs without limits. Choose your plan and sound like your favorite artists.

Streaming platforms

We'll master your song so it's ready for Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming services.

save money

The biggest benefit of using online mixing and mastering services is that you can save a lot of money and use the rest for things like marketing, video shoots, and promotion.


Get ready for a

No more paying for each mix. with our subscription you can get unlimited mixing and mastering. Our engineers are responsible for mixing & mastering the records of Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Red Bull, Songbeat Music, Universal and much more. Get major label sound without major label prices.

Get your tracks
with ourĀ  services

Mastering takes is usually completed within just 2-3 days per song. Mixing + mastering is usually completed within 7 days per song.

We prefer Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer.

Our team wants to make sure your mix / master is perfect. Because of this, we include up to 2 free revisions with every order.

We accept up to 25 stems. If you have more stems, you can group them, or we can work on your project for an extra fee:
– Up to 30 stems = $9.90 extra.
– Up to 50 steps = $19.90 extra.